Atelier Mondial



Atelier Mondial was founded in 1986 originally under the name ‘International Studio and Exchange Program of the Basel Region (iaab)’. The Christoph Merian Foundation launched the project by constructing its own new studio building by the architect Michael Alder in the St. Alban Tal quarter of Basel. Since then the program has grown steadily. After a special and nearly historic agreement, which was reached in 2004 between Swiss cantons and regional municipalities, today Atelier Mondial serves as a shining example of a well-functioning cross-border cooperation in the tri-national area between Basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg. With the move in November 2014 into the new facilities designed by architects Rüdisühli-Ibach at Freilagerplatz 10/Dreispitzareal, the artist exchange program will have set a new milestone: the new location and new multidisciplinary neighborhood – defined by the Studios for Writers, Dance Studio, Academy of Art and Design (HGK) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts/Northwest Switzerland and all the other visual arts – has provided the opportunity for a new name and new landmark: in November 2014 the former iaab has been transformed into Atelier Mondial.