Atelier Mondial

Calcutta Corner

Exhibition: Wed 27.3.2019 - So 5.5.2019
Vernissage: Tue 26.3.2019, 18.30
Take pArt: Sun 7.4.2019, 19.00

Usually we try to understand the foreign in relation to the familiar. We make connections and establish references between what is new and what is already familiar, so that we can judge foreign situations and understand what might otherwise overtax us. In the collaboration between DOCK and Atelier Mondial, the artist Shayok Mukhopadhyay tries to assign a street corner of Kleinbasel to an imaginary corner of his home town Calcutta.

Shayok imagines that DOCK's large windows are mirrors reflecting the surroundings and superimposing scenes from Calcutta. The pharmacy at the Kandererstrasse is reflected as well as the tram passing the Klybeckstrasse, because the last tram of India still runs in Calcutta. Out of respect for the people of Kleinbasel, Shayok establishes a connection to a Muslim quarter in Calcutta. This will be reflected especially in the signs and the drivers of the tram. But how reliable are these images? The deliberately reconstructed reversal of the images by the reflection effect causes irritation and makes the viewer question what he has seen.

Vernissage with Speed Speech by Martina Siegwolf, art mediator

Take pArt public guided tour with Astrid Kottmann, philosopher

Info about the artist:
Shayok Mukhopadhyay

Curation: Kenneth Steiner

DOCK Archive Discourse and Art Space, Klybeckstrasse 29, 4057 Basel, Switzerland


Swiss Honeymoan

Opening: 27 March 2019, 17 - 21 o'clock
Exhibition: 28 to 30 March 2019 - daily 10 - 18 o'clock

Mohsin Shafi is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Lahore – Pakistan. He calls himself a two-spirited Artivist; whose practice is informed by his bicultural encounters and dissident background, encompassing the themes of tensions and conflicts around navigating culture and identity; transgression and transfiguration of masculinity; articulating territorial struggle of gender modes within religious and spiritual subcultures; the clash of social norms and individual aspirations; the fantasies and anxieties between attachment and disaffection, hate and love.

In Switzerland, during his residency at Atelier Mondial, Shafi quests romance with his epic ‘Swiss Honeymoan’project by educing his juvenile reminiscences with the naïve and clichéimpression of amorousness he fancied through Bollywood as an 80’s child. Julie Andrews may have famously sung and spun in the Swiss Alps, but hills in Switzerland are alive with the sound of Bollywood music. The romance is incomplete without chiffon saris swirling in Switzerland’s emerald green forests, valleys and breathtaking mountaintops. From reel to real, Shafi’s project hollers how a lifetime fed on a Bollywood sari romance diet gives South Asians (Indians and Pakistanis) warped expectations of romance. Coming from a culture where the popular belief is that marriages are made in heaven and a honeymoon is made in Switzerland - what more fascinating can be than narrating the Kitschidea of Bollywood fantasy into real time cinematic romance with a “Swiss Honeymoan”?

Vergabe der Atelierstipendien 2019

16 Kunstschaffende der Region Basel/Südbaden/Solothurn/Elsass erhalten einen Werkaufenthalt im Ausland: Vier Juries in den Bereichen Bildende Kunst, Literatur, Tanz und Mode & Textil haben Ende August 2018 aus insgesamt 202 eingegangenen Bewerbungen folgende Kunstschaffende für ein Atelier Mondial-Stipendium 2019 ausgewählt:

Bildende Kunst

  • Berlin (Jan - Jun 2019):                           Sara & Natascha
  • Berlin (Jul – Dez  2019):                          Raffaella Chiara
  • Buenos Aires (Okt – Dez 2019):               Lorenza Diaz
  • Genua (Mai – Okt 2019):                         Eva Borner
  • Hangzhou (Apr – Jun 2019):                    Ambra Viviani
  • Jerewan (Jul – Dez 2019):                        Brice Ammar-Khodja
  • Kapstadt (Juli – Dez 2019):                      Stefan Karrer
  • New York (Feb – Jul 2019):                      Emanuel Rossetti
  • Paris (Jul – Dez 2019):                             Deirdre O'Leary
  • Paris (Jan – Dez 2019):                            Chen Fei
  • Tokio (Jan - Mär 2019):                           Susanna Hertrich
  • 1 Reisestipendium                                   Rosanna Monteleone

Mode & Textil

Oaxaca (Mär – Aug 2019):                               Stefanie Salzmann
Tanz-Reisestipendium                                    Samuel Deniz Falcon
Writer in Residence

Paris (Jan – Mär 2019):                                     Bille Haag
Paris (Apr – Jun 2019):                                     Michelle Steinbeck




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Die fünfte Ausgabe des CMS-Magazins RADAR widmet sich ganz dem Austauschprogramm Atelier Mondial und lässt ehemalige Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten von ihren Erfahrungen berichten.

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Ruan Yunting aka Rain, from Hangzhou (China)
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