Atelier Mondial


Yerevan, Armenia

6 months

July - December

Atelier Mondial Exchange since:

The City Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and offers a unique panorama of tradition and modernity, both from an urban architectural as well as a cultural perspective. Yerevan is a university city, and is the cultural and artistic centre of the country with around 1.2 million inhabitants. Especially in an artistic perspective, the city has had this prominent position for more than 150 years, and these traditions were also maintained and encouraged in the Soviet era. On the basis of – or just thanks to - the restrictions of this time, the Armenian art scene was constantly forced to look for its own ways and solutions for preserving a certain degree of Armenian autonomy in art. The Armenian art scene also began to simmer in the other South Caucasus states a few years ago. While artistic education and art history courses are still constrained today as they were in the previous Soviet system, the younger generation of artists is looking for a new, artistic insight that is contemporary – and that can still preserve their historic, geographic, discursive characteristic. Practically the entire art scene sees itself in an opposing position to state institutions, yet it also doesn’t want to simply rush into importing western organisational designs and concepts of art. It applies much more – also in regard to exchange with foreign artists – to new spaces for art, and also to create adequate forms of networking.
Studio/ Flat “Kotchar 13” is an artists’ colony, which was founded in the Soviet era in order to provide artists from the art union a proper studio and apartment. It is two underground stations away from the centre of Yerevan. It was, and is, a constantly attractive opportunity for work and for contact with other artists. These studios and apartments still belong to artists of all generations and art forms today. The flats are modernised and furnished with living rooms and bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, telephone and internet connection, and allow an independent and undisturbed working environment. In coordination with the artists, the public have access to the studios on special days, so that guests can establish extensive contact with the Yerevan public and get a glimpse of the varied art scene of the city.

House of Art, Kotchar Str.13, 0019 Jerewan, Armenien

Partner Organization:
Stiftung KulturDialog Armenia, Mashtots Ave. 16, 0002 Yerevan, Armenia
Contact Person: Sona Hovsepyan, Tel: +374 93 22 16 66