Atelier Mondial


Tokyo, Japan


3 months


Atelier Mondial Exchange Studio Program since:

Amidst the vibrant contrasts of the 8-million-strong metropolis, Tokyo also moves into newer and newer awakenings of Japanese modern art, between eastern tradition and western discourse, between concept and intuition, sense and sensuality. In this respect, the art platform Tokyo Wondersite (TWS) which was co-founded in 2001 by the city and is situated in vibrant districts Aoyama, Hongo and Shibuya, has quickly developed into Tokyo’s most important trading centre for the newest ideas, theories and experiments in the art field.

In particular:
Since its founding, the TWS has rapidly established itself as the centre of influence of modern art, which is not just dedicated to an exchange between the districts, but also between the art forms. TWS receives artists, curators and collectors from the specialities of fine arts, design, music and architecture. Active institutions offer this in three locations within Tokyo in addition to workshops, networking and support programs, and also curative exhibitions in project rooms belonging to the firm. TWS is a very ambitious organisation, which also brings some bureaucracy on-site with it! What is certain is that TWS finds itself at the moment in the midst of radical change.

The TWS residencies are new in the Sumida area in east Tokyo, situated near to the “Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo” and the “Edo Tokyo Museum”. On 6 floors, TWS offers a total of 12 small, fully-furnished rooms with bathroom/toilet and internet access, of which 8 are single rooms (25m2) and 4 are double rooms (48m2). The kitchen, as well as the utility room, library and living room are shared with the other residents. There are two different types of studios. All of them have to be shared with the other artists.

Arts Kikukawa 1F, 2-14-7 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0023

Partner Organization:
Tokyo Wonder Site,