Atelier Mondial


Oaxaca, Mexico

1 x 6 months

March - August

Atelier Mondial Exchange since:

The city of Oaxaca de Juárez, which is the capital of the federal state of Oaxaca in the southwest of Mexico, and has been a world heritage site since 1987, boasts an overwhelming cultural diversity with a treasures from the time of the Zapotec people, the Aztecs, the Spanish conquerors and the activities of the current indigenous communities. Like a fan, the different historic layers and traditions open up before visitors in colourful vividness. Here especially textile craft reflects a wide variety of historic, regional and technical approaches to art and culture. In the South American hemisphere, the city is known as the centre - if not the Mecca - of the textile craft. Contemporary art has also arrived here, at the latest since Mexican artist Francisco Toledo, Oaxaca’s most famous resident, took over the Centro de las Artes de San Augustín, just outside the city.

Special Features:
The small but beautiful and extremely opulent Museo Textil de Oaxaca (MTO), which is affiliated with the FAHH, has a remarkable textile collection from the all over the region, which documents the various weaving, hand spinning, natural dying and embroidery techniques, which are partly still used today. The interesting thing is that almost every community in the state of Oaxaca has a different area of expertise within the processing of textiles - techniques and characteristic features, which the MTO is endeavouring to pass on through courses, workshops and introductions. There are contacts to the Centro de las Artes de San Augustín, and also to the Instituto des Artes Graficas de Oaxaca (also founded by Toledo), as well as numerous other art institutions in the region.

The studio is located on the premises of the Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú (FAHH). Visitors are supervised by the Museo Textil de Oaxaca (MTO), which is also responsible for networking within Oaxaca’s cultural scene and organising private accommodation.

Museo Textil de Oaxaca, Hidalgo 917, Centro, Oaxaca 68000, Mexiko