Atelier Mondial


Hangzhou, China

1 x 3 months

April - June

Atelier Mondial Exchange since:

Hangzhou is located around 190 km southwest of Shanghai, and is known as a cradle of Chinese civilisation. The city is mainly known for its silk production – and for the China Academy of Art.

Special Features:
Atelier Mondial is now collaborating with the China Academy of Art (CAA) in Hangzhou, the first institution offering training in "fine arts" since 1928, when the country was mired in political turmoil. The CAA, which is subordinated directly to the Ministry of Culture, is still a high-level training place, even if the traditional subjects (painting, printing, calligraphy) are now being flanked by other areas such as design, architecture and media art. Especially with regard to the latter the CAA is very interested in a lively exchange with Western destination.

The accommodation and the studio for international guest artists are located directly on campus.

China Academy of Art, 218 Nanshan Rd, Shangcheng, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China,

Entrance, China Academy of Art (Nanshan Campus)
Entrance, China Academy of Art (Nanshan Campus)