Atelier Mondial


Buenos Aires, Argentina

3 months


Atelier Mondial Exchange since:

The city:
Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, is one of the most active cities in Latin America with a rich cultural life that has become as well known for its film and literary journeys as for its experimental theater and the diverse tango shows. It also has an active art scene, with museums, art galleries, cultural centers and independent art projects.

URRA runs different residency programs in several locations in Buenos Aires. Since 2016 URRA has a permanent premise in the South Tigre District in the Municipality of Tigre in the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires. It is a quiet suburban area that is of easy access from and to the City.

The studio and house:
URRA Tigre's has a renovated house that holds individual bedrooms with private bathrooms for an average of six art professionals from Argentina and the world, a community kitchen and living room and a library. At the back of the lot there is a big shared studio with tools and facilities.

The stay in Buenos Aires requires cultural openness and the willingness to exchange ideas with the other artists that participate in the residency. It is important to mention that residents can start new projects or proposals specifically conceived during the residency that respond to the new contextual frame, or may continue to develop previous projects, without pressure to produce finished work.

URRA offers its guests various formal events including open studios and audio visual presentations, that are well attended by the local audience. It also provides a program of informal activities that include visits to the delta, art institutions, private collections and artists´ studios, that provide a regular exchange with Tigre and the City Center of Buenos Aires.

The program also develops specific activities according to each professional´s needs. During the residency curators and other art professionals are invited for a one to one studio visit, to meet each artist and to discuss his/her projects.

URRA Tigre, Street Ruperto Mazza 165, Distrito Tigre Sur, B1648CCP, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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