Atelier Mondial


Berlin, Germany

2 x 6 months

January–July + July–December

Atelier Mondial Exchange since:

Once a symbol of division, today Berlin joins western and eastern Europe. Berlin-Brandenburg, the capital region, is located at the center of the extended European Union and is still a ‘hot spot’ of the international art scene.

Special Features:
The artist studios of the Canton Basel-Stadt and the Canton Basel-Land are all newly located in the artistic district of Wedding, which is presently undergoing revitalization, at the studio building Wiesenstrasse 29 along the small river Planke. Located nearby are an internationally renowned sculpture workshop, numerous other artist studio buildings and the historic monument Gottschedstrasse 4 of ExRotaprint gGmbH ( In August 2009 the artists cooperative Wiesenstrasse 29 eG of the Swiss Stiftung Edith Maryon acquired the leasehold for the building complex. Since then the cooperative manages the building and rents out space offering the ideal working conditions for visual artists, freelancers, small trades and social projects. Currently twenty-two artists work at the complex.

The generous apartment-studio with separate working and living zones is located under the roof of the studio complex, which also houses the studios of the Landis & Gyr Foundation as well as those of the Swiss Cantons of Freiburg and Geneva.

Studio & Partner Organization Address:
Wiesenstrasse 29
DE-13357 Berlin-Wedding


Berlin Andris-1-1150