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Daniel Basso is a visual artist who lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2002 he has been working with sculpture and installations, mostly in a site specific way. In 2019 he has been awarded with the 1st place in the 10th edition of the Itaú Fundation Visual Arts Prize. He has also done his 8th individual show at Calvaresi Contemporary Gallery in which he currently works. Since 2009 in collaboration with the visual artist Juan José Souto, working as a tutor, curator and editorial director, he has being developing an independent contemporary art training and residency project as part of his work in Mar del Plata (city where he was born in 1974) called Mundo Dios.

The world of design and its many manifestations such as architecture, furniture, automotive, textile or aeronautics open a series of infinite relationships that are crossed by sculpture.
Bassos work is an interpretation of space, based on certain formal phenomena that come from sculptural situations processed from the observation of the everyday environment.
The operation of the resulting pieces is abstract, in a very graphic sense. The scale exaggerates the dramatic sense of the surfaces.

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Atelier Mondial

Atelier Mondial
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Herkunft: Argentinien

Atelierstipendium: Basel, September - Dezember 2019