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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York is a physical performer, choreographer and sound designer. Upon completion of his formal dance studies, he had the opportunity to work with various creatives in the NYC dance scene. Most notably and extensively with Kyle Abraham/ Abraham.In.Motion, through whom he received a New York Dance and Performance "Bessie" award for Abraham's work "The Radio Show".

Once relocating to Europe, Nedd has had engagements with the Dresden Semper Oper (2010-2012) and the Basel Ballett (2012-2016). During this time he has had the chance to present works in both the mentioned companies as well as choreographic workshop evenings in free scene spaces in both cities. Most recently he has choreographed and presented his own productions and collaborated extensively with other visual art and theater based artists in Basel, Switzerland.

Through transparent interrogation of my personal artistic experience, I examine within, in order to understand why I create and perform dance. By questioning, deconstructing and demystifying the ingrained notions and concepts that have not only defined contemporary dance ‘standards’ and aesthetics, but have also influenced and shaped my own artistic outlook and approach, I work towards identifying these determining factors in pursuit of simultaneously coming closer to accessing what is authentically me. Essentially, how am I able to discern what genuinely motivates and influences me to continue to create and perform.

Portrait Jeremy Nedd (Foto: Lydia Hersberger)
Portrait Jeremy Nedd (Foto: Lydia Hersberger)
Jeremy Nedd (Foto: Suleika Müller)
Jeremy Nedd (Foto: Suleika Müller)


Atelier Mondial

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Herkunft: Basel, Schweiz

Tanzstipendium: Südafrika, Juli bis September 2017